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S3D League

Singleplayer fan-made 3D game based on S4 League.

S4 League 2D

Singleplayer fan-made 2D game based on S4 League.

Fumbi Space Ranger

A small, spin-off fan game, starring Fumbi.

Heavy - The First Form

Sci-fi/mystical side-scrolling action/shooting game with a twist ending.

All Vehicles Control: Impossible Mission

Various vehicle based mini games connected together by a story with a twist ending.

Sonic Chaos' Power (DEMO)

Fan-made game based on Sonic the hedgehog.
NOTE: The demo ends at the construction sign.

Tomb Raider Adventure (DEMO)

Fan-made 2D adventure game based on Tomb Raider Legend.

Fantasy World [BG] (DEMO)

Adventure/RPG game made with 'RPG Maker XP'.

IMPORTANT: Load 'File 1' when you are inside the building to make the game run as intended. The last stage of the demo is when Anny leaves Heaven.

Xterminator 2009

Vertical-scrolling shooting game made in 3 days.
Contact me at [email protected] or use the contact form if a link is broken.